Wednesday, December 15, 2021

1506G New Software 2021 Download Echolink 1506G All

 Hello friends how are you i hope you all are well what i have you today

1506 I am going to tell you about the new software of the receiver. It has got a new update. You get to see new functions. In it you also get the option to install C line N. Now you have Wi-Fi. This is a small file that you can easily download from here and install on any of your receivers.

Sport This Recevers

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Not.Let me tell you Another important Thing to be Very Careful While Recevers installing the Software, be Careful not to Lose your Power, Because if this Happens, you will Stop in the Middle and then You have a Problem with What you have. Maybe he will Take care of it

                                       ECHOLINK Femto Pro 5_V2.96_26-11-2021

                                 ECHOLINK_Femto Pro 4_V2.96_26-11-2021

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